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Bankruptcy, Chapter 7, Chapter 13

A Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a debt consolidation and repayment plan. Most of your debts are consolidated into a single payment made at regular intervals determined by the court, usually based on how often you are paid. While you are in a Chapter 13 plan, you are protected from creditors by the courts until your debts are paid. A Chapter 13 plan stops foreclosures, repossessions, creditor harassment, garnishments and lawsuits.
A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Case is called the Fresh Start Chapter. In this type of bankruptcy case, most of your debt is wiped out and you are given a fresh, clean slate to start over. A Chapter 7 case will stop creditor harassment, lawsuits, garnishments and lawsuits.
After the 2005 Bankruptcy code change, every individual who files for bankruptcy relief using a Chapter 7 or 13 must obtain a certificate of credit counseling from an approved credit counseling source: Here are a few companies to choose from: You can do the credit counseling by Phone, on the Web or in Person.   

Directions to Court houses:
Northern District Courts:
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Newnan Division:
Rome Division:

Middle District Courts
Athens Division
Macon Division

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Credit Counseling:

The Bankruptcy laws require each individual who files for Bankruptcy to attend 2 credit counseling courses during the bankruptcy process; a pre-filing course and pre-discharge course. These courses can be taken via internet, phone or in-person.
The website is a favorite of my clients - mainly because it's the cheapest course for my clients! It's actually free to take the course and costs $9.76 to obtain the Certificate whereas the other sites charge $25.00 or more. Click the button to take your 1st credit counseling course

Once your case is filed, you will need to take a second credit counseling course. We recommend for the second course. Please have your case number available as you will need to enter your case number to complete the course. Click the button to take your 2nd course.

Below are some documents that will help you learn more about Bankruptcy and the process. Feel free to call me at 678-541-6770 for a FREE CONSULTATION.